Sunday, 17 January 2016


For me, a new year always means new challenges. New goals. Fresh starts. While I always strive to set a personal resolution, for the past few years I have also been trying to set a baking resolution. Sometimes that looks like trying to bake something challenging from scratch. Sometimes that looks like trying to master a new cookie design. And sometimes, like this new year, that looks like me trying to push myself way outside my comfort level.


I've definitely taken on more cakes in the past couple of years than I ever imagined I would. It started with a friend who asked me to make a two-tiered wedding cake--something I never would have imagined trying. But challenging yourself is a good thing. So I accepted.

Now, a year and a half later, I feel more confident in my cake making abilities after a handful of other wedding cakes, a couple of birthday cakes, and some "just for fun" cakes. But I would never say that I'm a cake baker. I'm a cookie girl who dips into the cake business here and there. I'm definitely no pro.

There is something about cake that is so classic though. Cake, as a dessert, has been around for as long as everyone can remember. Kind of like chocolate chip cookies. Or apple pie. Or Christmas fruitcake. Other confectionaries come and go as trends throughout the years, but not cake. Cake is forever.

Yet constantly re-invented.

That is the beauty of cake, my friends. People will always want it, but like fashion, the trends come and go. So I'm focussing my new year's baking resolution on just that--cake trends I've been dying to try but haven't yet taken a stab at. I've scored the list of current (and projected) cake trends for 2016 and compiled it into this lovely list...

5 Cake Trends Worth Grabbing A Slice Of
(Clever, I know)

1. Naked Cakes.
The naked cake trend has been around for quite a while now and I'll admit that I have tried my hand at a naked cake or two, but on this list, I'm referring to real naked cakes. Like au naturelle. Like Adam-and-Eve-in-the-Garden-of-Eden-before-they-bit-the-fruit naked. Not the Adam-and-Eve-in-the-Garden-of-Eden-after-they-bit-the-fruit naked. You know, like trying to cover up but obviously still in the nude (okay, this is getting weird). So let me just say this--fully naked cakes, with only the icing in between layers and some sort of pretty fruit showing through. Ah, that's what I'm talking about. I'll move on.

2. Chocolate Explosion.
I don't think I need to say much more. We all love a good chocolate-induced coma. People always go for the light coloured cakes by default, maybe because we're fooled into thinking that lighter coloured cakes are actually lighter on the calories. Wrong. If you're going to eat cake, go all out. Chocolate explosion is all out. Have your cake and eat it too, right? (No cake pun intended, but sure, I'll take it).

3. Watercolored Details.
I (and every girl ever) completely swoon over watercolored details on anything, but a cake!? That is just a whole new level. Anything soft and pastel-y and delicate and hand-drawn is beautiful in it's own right, but to see it on a cake helps raise that cake to the status of art. And that is something I can get on board with. Which leads me to my next pastel-y point.

4. Ombre.
I'll admit, this is not a new trend. But I also don't see it going anywhere in the near future. It's just way too beautiful. No matter the colour, any combination of perfectly blended tones in dark-to-light is too stunning to resist. Especially when those tones are highlighted with vibrant fresh flowers for a simple, but stunning, finished cake. I personally can't wait to try this trend.

Rachael Muller via Hello May // Annamarie Atkins Photography via BRIDES

5. Marble Details.
Marble is definitely a current trend in anything from home-renovations to partyware to cake decorating (apparently). Although it seems kind of strange to see an entire cake covered in a marble finish (does it not look like you're about to cut into a rock?!), marble details are where it's at. They add a sophisticated look, while remaining streamlined and minimalist. And that's pretty rockin'. (Again, no pun intended, but I'll take it).

Carol Hannah via Intimate Weddings // Becca Borge via Ruffled

Okay, and can I just say, bonus points for an ombre naked cake (insert heart-eyed emoji).

What's on your list to try this year? What's your favourite trend of the bunch? I already have my first project in mind, but I'll just leave this at that. I've got some baking to do.

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  1. All these cakes are looking fantastic. Loved the one with floral decorations. This cake would be perfect for our wedding at wedding venues NYC. Would like to have a four tier floral cake. Thanks for the inspiration.