Thursday, 11 February 2016


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Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Whether you're a love-day enthusiast or one of those people who rant on and on about how the day was actually invented by card companies for marketing purposes (blah blah blah), there's no denying that there is at least one very delicious benefit to the occasion: sweets. I fancy myself a box of chocolates here and there, so if Valentine's Day gives me an excuse to indulge in said chocolates, then by all means. Let's celebrate!

But beyond just the chocolates, I really do love Valentine's Day. I think it's sweet and fun. It's not all about deeply romantic gestures or public proclamations of love. It's carefree. It's fun. It's an excuse to celebrate something worth celebrating - expressing to people, no matter who they are or what your relationship to them is, that you care about them and that you are thankful for your relationship. There are so many different types of love beyond just romantic love and they're all meant to be celebrated and cherished on Valentine's Day.

Therefore, enter the punny Valentines.

We all love a good pun. And a well-used pun paired with a tasty treat? Even better. These little cookie Valentines are the perfect treats to give to that special person in your life, but they can also be given to friends, co-workers, or family members just as easily. The wording can so easily be altered to reflect each relationship most appropriately while still reaching the best level of punniness. That's a win-win.

Did I mention that they're easy as pie to pull together, too? All I did was place each cookie in a cellophane bag, tie with 8" of baker's twine, and attach a hand-written pun tag. And that's it. The hardest part is making sure you hand them out to all of your favourite valentines before eating them yourself. 

Which one is your favourite? Have you heard of any other love puns that would make cute little Valentines? 

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your love day, no matter how or with whom you may spend it.

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