Sunday, 24 July 2016


There is something so special about having a little kitty in our house. Sutchi is so much more than just a pet. She is a part of our little family. An integral part of our little family, in fact.

We picked Sutchi up last October on a bit of a whim. We had tossed around the idea of getting a cat for a while, but had never really pursued the idea more seriously. Until one autumn Saturday, Curtis suggested we browse Kijiji for kittens - and the rest is ancient history.

The listing for Sutchi and her siblings wasn't anything special. It contained a few blurry photos of some adorable little kitties - half short-haired calicos and half fluffy little orange guys - but I can't say that I remember seeing her among the other kitties in the photographs. It's likely she was there, but if I'm honest, her siblings outshone her with their approachable demeanours and full-faces.

By the time we arrived at the home to pick one out, all of the kitties but Sutchi had been accounted for. While the other kittens approached us, rubbing on our legs or wrestling each other in typical kitten-fashion, Sutchi seemed to have no interest in our presence. She was quiet. She refused to react to her brothers' taunting. She wandered off on her own. She was skinny and had a bit of goop in her eyes. She wasn't really the kind of kitty I would have picked out if I had much of a choice.

But we were there and she needed a home and we didn't really want to have to tell the owners that what we really wanted was her sister instead. So we picked Sutchi up and took her home - and the rest is ancient history.

It took Sooch a few hours to warm up to her new home. She slept on a fur blanket under the dining room table. Until finally, while we were curled up on the couch watching the Blue Jays take on the Texas Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, we saw her stubby little body cautiously enter the living room. After familiarizing herself with the new-to-her space, she found herself the coziest little space she knew she would be allowed to occupy - the tiny tent space created between Curtis' legs and the blanket wrapped around them. It touched our hearts that she already trusted us enough to be so near so soon. We couldn't resist inviting her up onto our laps to nap instead. She slept that evening away sprawled across the blanket-hammock created in the space between my legs - and the rest is ancient history.

We quickly learned that Sutchi is bursting with personality and love. From the day we brought her home, she has never failed to amaze us with her silly peculiarities and affectionate nature. She has slept curled beside my legs, my torso, or my neck every night since the day she learned to jump over the blockade we created to prevent her from roaming upstairs (which was Day Three of owning her, might I add). She runs and jumps and plays, chasing any fly, moth, lady bug or ant she can lay her eyes on. She squeals with excitement every morning when we finally get out of bed and meet her in the kitchen. She loves being around us and will seize any opportunity for a cuddle or a snuggle or a lick of our hand. She has brought us so much joy with her soft little presence. There's not a chance we would ever trade her for any other kitty in the entire world.

I can't help but realize that finding Sutchi was nothing short of amazing. If we had neglected searching Kijiji for a few more days, we would have missed out on the listing. If we had responded to the listing a moment earlier, we likely would have chosen one of her siblings instead. If we had brought home one of her brothers or sisters, our little family certainly would not be the same. She is so much more than a pet. She is a part of our little family. An integral part of our little family.

Sooch will be one year old in a couple of weeks. She is still small in size and kitten-like in character - two qualities that I'm sure she will one day grow out of. But she continues to bring us so much joy and love and I'm convinced that her little presence will continue to fill our hearts in a big way for many years to come. One day she will grow old and probably sleep most of her days away, making this moment, too, feel like ancient history. 

But she will always be a part of our little family. 

A true Sutchi Reesor.

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