Sunday, 26 February 2017


This weekend I baked a wedding cake. 

The first in a long while. Eight months ago, after much contemplation, fear, and uneasiness, I made the difficult decision to stop running my baking business. A decision I feared making for a really long time, until finally, one warm day last May, while sitting in my wicker chair on my patio, a quiet whisper encouraged me to finally make the decision. It was a whisper from within. A calming whisper in the midst of a tense mind filled with constant anxiety. From that point forward, I stopped accepting new orders.

I thought I would miss it more that I have. It's a decision that has really impacted me in ways that I am still processing. It's been a journey of letting go and finding contentment. One day, I will joyfully share my journey to that decision. But today, I'm still not quite ready.

So for now, I will share these few photos. It's been a while since I have been challenged with a cake, and although I made my decision, doing this cake felt right. It was right. I felt joy as I spent my Friday evening creating it. No, I won't be taking on orders again. But yes, this one felt good

Here's to finding joy in the little things. The scary things. The things that we don't feel have the capacity to bring us joy any more - but that somehow still manage to surprise us and do. 

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