Monday, 9 October 2017


This weekend, we are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. It is by far one of my favourite holidays because it always reminds me the value in expressing gratitude. I've been feeling so content and joyful this weekend, and I truly believe those feelings have come as a result of being so aware and expressive of the gifts in my life.

It's been a quieter weekend. One of those ones where it just feels so good to do the little chores and catch up on normal life stuff. I'm only one week into my new school term, so I was able to step back this weekend and really soak in the important stuff. Both Curtis and I were home so we took the time to work outdoors at the farm, cook some meals together, indulge in some treats, and go for some walks. We also managed to dig up a few carrots from the garden and share in some quality time and fellowship with the people that we love.

I'm really thankful for the joy and satisfaction I get from living on our little farm. There is always something to be done, but also always potential to explore something new. Next year, I've decided to grow a cut flower garden. I've been getting so much satisfaction from planning it out, ordering seeds, digging the beds, and dreaming of the potential. It has no pressure attached to it, just some experimentation and learning. I'm always up for exploring a new way of creating, so I'm excited to dive in and see how it goes. When I was younger, I made a resolution that I never wanted to stop learning. It's been a joy to see how that promise manifests into so many different projects and endeavours as I get older.

The kitties have been extra cuddly this weekend too. We haven't had the characteristically cooler October weather that we usually do, yet they seem to be in tune with the fact that the colder months are coming. They've been getting along better and better with each passing day, which truly warms my heart. Before we got Junie, I spent a lot of time praying (no exaggeration, not joking) that they would get along. Call me a crazy cat lady (I won't argue with you), but I was really scared about Sutchi feeling alienated and angry with us when we brought home June. It hasn't been a seamless transition, but it certainly has been better than I could have expected. I'm so thankful for that. There is lots of kitty love all around.


Curt is transitioning to a different position in the corn business. Although there is some added stress with the transition, it actually is a bit of a blessing. He had been feeling worn down and tied down to his desk the past couple of years, so I think this change will be refreshing for him and present him with some new (but positive) challenges. We're thankful for his job and the satisfaction it can bring. He really values the fulfillment he gets from working for his Dad and contributing to something so special. I'm thankful for his dedicated and hard work ethic and the degree to which he cares about things. It's inspiring.

And finally, perhaps a little obvious, I'm thankful for my family. I spent some time printing out some images that we had captured back in the Spring and it made me feel really sentimental about the love I have for these people. Not pictured, I am also so thankful for my married family too. I lucked out with some of the best people in my life. They are all so encouraging, inspiring, helpful, and genuine. Being able to have them as my people has truly been the biggest blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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