Friday, 29 December 2017


Any cat lovers out there? This post is long overdue, but I figured it's better late than never. I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Reesor crew - Juniper Reesor.

Junie joined our family back in August. We were never really planning on adding another fuzzy member to our crew. We live in a small apartment and also just had so much love for our other kitty, Sutchi, that we couldn't imagine how another would fit in. Yet, here she is. Another special story to add to our memory box.

Apparently it's a thing where we don't really pre-plan these ideas. The same thing went for when we got Sutchi. We had talked about getting a cat, but always put the idea on the back burner due to Curt's allergies. I absolutely did not want to get a cat if it meant that we would have to potentially get rid of said cat after we discovered that it made being at home unbearable for him. But on a a bit of a whim, he found a listing on Kijiji, we wen't to see them, and we came home with Sooch. Suddenly we had a cat.

Junie's story is much the same. We had always discussed potentially getting another cat, but continued to talk ourselves out of it. I had similar sentiments to the Sutchi situation - What if the new cat didn't fit in? What if Sutchi hated us? What if our house was too small for them to both be happy? It would break my heart more to give up the cat after a failed attempt at integrating it than it would to just not get another cat in the first place, so we let the idea ago. Then, one August day, while Curt was in the States for work, I overheard someone mention that a mutual friend had kittens that needed homes. My interest was peaked. I contacted her to see if any of them were still available. I wouldn't say that I was completely serious in my interest, but I felt compelled to ask. She sent a photo back with two little tabby girl kitties - the only two that were left. She explained that one of them was very outgoing and playful, and the other was a little more shy, but cuddly. The shy and cuddly demeanour intrigued me, because Sutchi had many of the same characteristics. I figured that if she were to get along with any sort of kitty, it would be one that had a similar personality to her own. 

When Curt and I were talking on the phone that night, I casually brought the idea up. "We can get another kitty if you want!" he so quickly expressed. It seemed too easy. We had gone back and forth time and time again discussing the implications of adding another cat to our zoo. Yet when the opportunity presented itself, he was so on board. His enthusiasm caught me off-guard. Part of me wanted him to talk me out of it so I would let the idea go. He felt convinced, but suddenly, I wasn't. I spent the rest of that week while he was away going back and forth about whether or not we should do it. I felt so nervous that it wouldn't work out. I prayed every evening that week, asking that if this were to happen, the two cats would get along. It may seem silly to you that I would pray about cats, but I didn't know what I would do if they didn't.

When Curt got home, we simply decided to go pick up Junie. Her name was chosen on a whim with no context for it. It stuck out to us and we thought it was cute. We now realize that it fits her so very perfectly. Suddenly we had a second cat.

Junie is such a joy. She is entertaining, silly, tomboy-ish, and affectionate. She chases kibbles, toys, Sutchi, and the odd mouse from the farm house kitchen. Her tongue often hangs out of her mouth. She keeps Sutchi on her toes. And although she may have initially seemed shy, she is definitely not quiet or afraid. She loves people, loves being held, loves playing games. I can hardly imagine our little family without her.

As for her and Sutchi, they get along just fine. They have a very classic iteration of a sister relationship. Sometimes Sooch just wants her space, but often they will play fight, get on each other's nerves, share toys, and enjoy the odd cuddle. It's so heartwarming to see them genuinely appreciate the other's company. I think we will leave it at two for now, but it's worth mentioning that I found an old "life goal" list I made when I was a kid and one of the bullet points was "own ten cats at once". Sorry Curt, but a goal is a goal.

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