Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Three years ago, on this very day, we committed to love. But more than that, we committed to each other. People always say Marriage is hard. Love is hard. It's all hard. I don't agree. Marriage is easy, love is easy, it's all so much easier with you by my side.

Don't get me wrong, we have days where our work follows us to our home and our frustrations with the injustices around us bog down our ability to be patient and selfless. We have days where we're too excited to share the successes of our own day than to listen to the woes of the other's. We have days where laundry, and dishes, and dirty dust bunnies pile up so high that we forget the joys of adventure and spontaneity that were so often found in those formative relationship years. 

But we also hold each other's hand as we fall asleep at night and kiss each other goodbye every morning. We find pleasure in home-cooked meals prepared side by side. We cherish the summer afternoons spent on the tractor while the other kneels in the garden. We help each other achieve our wildest - or mildest - dreams by planting tulip bulbs after dark on a cold September evening. We try, and fail, at taking tennis lessons together. We order Harvey's hamburgers and split the fries and onion rings, just so that we can each get the best of both worlds. We stay up late, with the lights already turned off, laughing ourselves silly until one of us inevitably drifts to sleep. We go for walks in the fields and take naps on the couch and laugh when one of the cats does something silly again. We hand out forgiveness in unlimited supply.

Every part of life is made sweeter with you.

I love you Mr. Reesor, and am so thankful for you by my side. Marriage to you is easy. Loving you is easy. Everything is so much easier with you.

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