Saturday, 3 February 2018


Dancing. Do you do it? I've spent many moments awkwardly two-stepping in the corner of the dance floor at weddings and countless more moments booty-shaking my pants off in my childhood bedroom. I've always wished I were a less awkward dancer, but I've found myself coming around to the fact that I just never will be. And I think I'm okay with it.

The other day I had this thought. I was watching a docu-series about dance and how dancers from around the world use dance as a language in their cities to have a voice. I felt so inspired by them, but also felt jealous inside that I could never have that ability to express something so abstract in such a physical way. I can't dance. In fact, let's just get to the truth - I have awkward white girl dance moves. The disco finger. The Egyptian pharaoh. The awkward booty bounce. Those are all me. I wallowed in my sadness for a while, but then it hit me that I have other tools at my disposal to share my voice. It may not be my body, but it could be my hand, or my eyes, or the way I just so deeply love the visual language. Lightbulb moment. I got to work making this fun little illustrated pattern.

I may not be able to dance, but I had to show the world my best moves. What are yours?

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