Sunday, 4 February 2018


Work was finished. Plates were cleaned. Groceries were bought. Prayers were made. Kittens were pet. Kisses were given. Grace was handed out, as were apologies and forgiveness. Laughs were had. Tears were shed. Smiles were shared. All is well. This week was a good one and it's sad to see it come to an end, but greater things lie ahead in this coming week. I have a new sister to gain (hooray for a very exciting wedding) and a big giant batch of cookies to bake. It's going to be a good one.

In the meantime, this is what I was thinking about this week:

1. These wool ball car diffusers are currently at the top of my DIY list because not only am I obsessed with essential oils, but I am also obsessed with using them in every single possible way I can. Especially when cute crafts (and DIY gifts) come of it.

2. This was one of my favourite podcast episodes I have listened to all week. As per usual, This American Life does not disappoint. 

3. We have been eating so many sweets lately that by mid-week, I was literally craving a salad. The best way to eat salads? Go big, or go home. We made this one in a flash and it was seriously so good. That grilled chicken, though. Mmm.

4. Sugar & Cloth launched a party and entertaining product line this week through Amazon and I seriously felt like I could have bought everything. Talk about luxury partyware for an affordable price. It almost made me want to plan a fun soiree just so I could make some purchases and not feel guilty about it. Too bad I already have a drawer stash full of cute unused napkins.

5. I mentioned this in my last post, but I recently watched a few episodes of this docu-series called We Speak Dance. It documents the ways in which different dancers around the globe are empowering themselves through dance, as well as looking at the ways that different cultures have influenced popular dance movements. As someone who can't dance, I found it so interesting and inspiring.

Happy weekend!

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