Sunday, 8 April 2018


It's been a while since I've shared a Sunday List. We just returned from our relaxing Florida vacation and are getting back into functioning normally without taking two naps a day. It's been rough. But the Spring is on the cusp of the horizon and the prospects of a fresh new season have me feeling inspired and excited for what's to come. Here's what I've got for you:

1. New seasons always give me all the feels to start fresh, and this time that feeling has manifested in the form of clothing. I made a series of clothing purchases on our trip, and yet I am still browsing relentlessly online for good deals and new fashions to explore. I feel like I'm in a strange transition phase between my regular job and working towards becoming a graphic designer, and I have felt the pull to want to make my wardrobe feel slightly more professional or pulled together. I'm trying not to rush it though. Meanwhile, these pants from The Gap (who even am I) and this button-up shirt from Roolee (my favourite) have been sitting in my online carts for days.

2. Between finishing up a school term and our travels, my cooking habits have been out of whack and I am so ready to get back on track. I've been eying this high-protein pizza dough recipe and would also love another go at attempting to make my own bread. 

3. I've been on the journey of exploring both gut-health and skin-health and so far have learned that the two are intricately connected. I'm still finishing up this book, and previously loved reading this one, but it looks like there is (unsurprisingly) still so much learning to do. Next up is this book.

4. This article offers a good reminder to us all that just because we throw something in the recycling bin doesn't mean that we have done our part. We need to be careful with our recycling to avoid contamination, otherwise it all just goes to the dump anyways. Wash out your jars, know your city's requirements, and please do your (simple) part.

5. I'm always trying to think of ways to make our bedroom more of an oasis. Unfortunately, living in a small apartment where your bedroom is also part of your living room doesn't always lend itself well to that. I loved seeing how this bedroom was refreshed and am inspired to be more intentional about making our space a little more private and calming.

Happy Spring, dear friends!

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