Sunday, 15 April 2018


At the outset of this week, I found myself desperately longing for some down time. I was feeling overwhelmed with little motivation, and with multiple projects, work hours, and social commitments ahead of me in the days to come, I was feeling like I couldn't catch a break. I expressed my sentiments to a friend one afternoon on a quick phone call - "I would love just one day where I have nothing to do with nothing looming above my head. Just one day."

The week progressed and I slowly checked the big things off my to-do list. I felt angry with each moment that took my attention, but by the time the weekend hit, I realized that my looming to-do list had dwindled to near nothing. By Saturday, an uncharacteristic event happened for a mid-April day. A giant ice storm hit our area with expected power outages and dangerous driving conditions. "We advise you to stay in if you can," read the warnings. Stay home? No need to convince me, weather man.

My wish was granted. I stayed home for two straight days with nothing to do and nothing looming above my head. I read books, sipped warm tea, spent time with my husband and kitties, and devoted hours to doodling away in my sketchbook. I even had enough time to feel inspired enough to create this animated illustration. By the end of it all, I felt rested and recharged, ready for another busy week ahead.

Moral of the story? Maybe there isn't one and maybe this isn't even all that worth sharing. But I would love to remind myself that no matter how overwhelmed you are feeling, a time will come where you can rest. Take the opportunities and cherish them. Let yourself stay home and get cozy.

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful, and safe weekend. Here's to another busy week.

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