Hi! My name is Amber. I was born and raised just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I continue to live with my husband and cuddly little kitties, Sutchi and Juniper. My childhood was spent baking treat recipes from an old church cookbook, filling colouring books with a rainbow of colours, and repeatedly redesigning Barbie's dream house. To say I've always loved creating would be a bit of an understatement.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree and five years of experience running my own baking business, but I refuse to be defined by either. The truth of the matter is that I just have a maker's soul who loves to get her hands messy in every possible creative way. I could never just choose one way to make.

It all boils down to this - I am just really passionate about living a creative life. To me, that doesn't just mean the action of creating, but instead living a life filled with creativity! I want to love the life that God gave me. A life filled with love and laughter. A life that is always learning and growing. But ultimately, a life filled with gratitude for the soul-feeding, joy-giving, and inspiration-inducing moments that come from crafting your life into the gift that it is.

So why ALBERTA PEARL? Good question. I originally chose it as the name of my baking business, but as that chapter has evolved and ultimately come to an end, I couldn't quite let go if it. It represents the middle names of both of my grandmothers - two women whose lives I continuously strive to emulate in my own life. They were both passionate, loving, kind-hearted, strong, and joyful women. They were two very beautiful and creative souls. They always sought out the tasty slices of life (and the biggest slices of pie). 


This blog is an exciting space for me.

Creating is peaceful, personal, and therapeutic. I spend more time in my own head when I am creating than when I am scribbling away in my journal. But creating is also social. I believe creating alongside other people is one of the most influential and inspirational things you can do. There is so much value in that.

This space was created to emphasize the social side of creating. Whether it be baking, art-making, home-decorating, or the less obvious forms of creativity like list-making, party-throwing, recipe-testing, and joy-seeking, this is a place where creativity can be celebrated together.

Each post here is published with a desire to document, inspire, encourage, and challenge, not only myself, but whomever may stumble upon it. So thanks for joining me. 

We're in this together!